from perfect nowhere

2014 | 11:00
violin, viola
commissioned by andPlay duo

Le Labyrinthe de Chartres
2012 | 15:00
piano, two percussion
commissioned by Sinopia Trio

Three Years of Light (II)

2012 | 18:00
piano, two percussion
commissioned by Iktus Percussion Ensemble
premiered by Iktus Percussion Ensemble
Julia DenBoer, piano
Chris Graham & Piero Guimaraes, percussion
Excerpt recorded live at Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin Conservatory


2011 | 8:00
two bassoons
commissioned by Dark & Stormy bassoon duo

Three Years of Light (I)

2010 | 18:00
piano, percussion, live electronic processing
premiered by what where
Julia DenBoer, piano
Jennifer Torrence, percussion
Jason Ponce, computer

(scene 17 from Ursularia)
2010 | 11:00
two sopranos, sound diffusion, slide whistles

Black Wheels (three sides square)

2008 | 7:00
clarinets, cello
commissioned by ai ensemble
Alejandro Acierto, clarinet
Isabel Castelvi, cello

(murmur [-ing?])

2006 | 1:20
string quartet
commissioned by The Walden School and Del Sol String Quartet

Drawling the Rusted Vacuum Breath (one sunset too many)

2005 | 8:00
saxophone quartet
commissioned by The Walden School and PRISM saxophone quartet

Aspect II (chorale)

2005 | :45
piano 4-hands

Aspect III (avoiding, not not returning)

2005 | :45

Aspect IV ( )

2005 | :45
bass clarinet or tenor saxophone


Oxford Study no.1

2014 | 6:00
1,2,2,2 – 2,2,0,0 – timp – strings
commissioned by James Blachly and the Sheep Island Ensemble
premiered by Sheep Island Ensmeble
James Blachly, conductor
New York, NY

Realistic Situation no.362 (cassation for string orchestra)
2006 | 1:30
string orchestra, piano



2007 | 60:00
a chamber opera in one act
libretto by the composer and Rick Burkhardt
fl, cl, tb, pc, va, vc, sound diffusion, two sopranos, three actors

Video of a live performance of the opera is available here.


the third, everywhere, descending

2014 | 10:00
8 cellos, piano, percussion, mixed chorus
premiered by Rensselaer Orchestra and Concert Choir, with Julia DenBoer, piano
Nicholas DeMaison, conductor
EMPAC | Troy, NY

If I Do Not

2012 | 8:00
mixed chorus
commissioned by Florilegium Chamber Choir
premiered by Florilegium Chamber Choir with Emily Dufour, cello
Nicholas DeMaison, conductor

…urge relentless…

2009 | 13:00
2,2,2,2 – 4,2,3,0 – 0,0,0,0,0 – mixed chorus, soprano solo
commissioned by South Hadley Chorale and Orchestra
premiered by South Hadley Chorale & Orchestra
Nicholas DeMaison, conductor
Cheryl Cobb, soprano
Recorded live, Abbey Memorial Chapel
South Hadley, MA


Vixen’s Forest

2011 | 30:00
commissioned by the New York Philharmonic and Giants Are Small for play before Janacek’s The Cunning Little Vixen; a multi-channel spectral rendering of a forest scene, using orchestral instrument samples and melodic fragments from Janacek’s opera; originally diffused over 100+ speakers in Avery Fisher Hall, New York City


Saint Janet

Written by Kyle Jarrow
Dir. by Habib Azar
2014 | 85 min.
Released to Amazon 2016

Milhaud, D.: La mère coupable
Arr. for 13 Instruments
Used for the US premiere by ICE & On Site Opera, 2017

Milhaud, D.: Le Pauvre Matelot
Arr. for fl, accord, pc, va, vc
Performed by Pocket Opera, NYC 2011

Oliveros, P.: The Nubian Word for Flowers
Posthumously assembled and arranged for performance by ICE and Experiments in Opera, 2017

Weill / Brecht: The Threepenny Opera
Arr. for sax, tp, accord, guit/banjo, vla, db and six voices
Performed by UCSD New Music Ensemble

Songs arranged for choral/instrumental ensembles
Brahms, J. Der Tod das ist die Kuhle Nacht
Britten, B. Little Sir William; Old Joe has Gone Fishing; Oliver Cromwell
Ives, C. Three Songs of the War; The Housatonic at Stockbridge
Mahler, G. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen
Schubert, F. Der Tod und das Madchen
Wolf, H. Das Verlassene Maagdlein; In der Frühe; Verborgenheit